Marriage Counseling

Is your relationship suffering? Have you been feeling disconnected from your spouse? Not feeling heard or understood? Has infidelity wreaked havoc in your marriage?

If you’ve been thinking “It may be good for us to see a counselor,” we are here for you.

Whether you need a few sessions of marriage enrichment, or your marriage is in extreme danger because of infidelity, we want to walk with you during this time.

It seems that God often orchestrates marriages between two people that are quite different from one another, and that can be both difficult and sanctifying. We can see the beauty of our relationship with God reflected in marriage relationships. Yet, many people are unhappy in their marriages and do not sense His goodness in them. In fact, maybe you may have been hurting in your marriage for quite some time.

RiverTree counselor Jessie Cronn has a special gifting and skillset for marriage counseling. Her passion is to speak truth into hurting relationships and to give guidance on what "works" in marriage.

"We often hear "communication is key", but that is actually an understatement. If you think of your marriage as a living organism. . . communication is like breathing. . . essential for life."

-Jessie Cronn, MAMFT, LPC, BC-TMH

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