Play Therapy

The past few years have been difficult, and children are feeling more anxious, depressed, and burdened than ever before. We want the best for our kids, but as parents and caretakers, we can sometimes feel unsure of how to best help our children move through these difficult times. At RiverTree, we’re so honored to welcome families into our office and offer a place of comfort, encouragement, hope, and healing.

Our children love playing, learning, and creating in our well-equipped, cheerful playroom! Play is a child’s primary language, and by utilizing a combination of play activities, coping skills, and Biblical truths, we not only help our youngest clients work through their challenges, but we equip them with skills they’ll carry with them the rest of their lives. As we work with children, we also offer guidance and encouragement to their parents and caretakers.

Our therapists have years of experience in serving children and their families and are frequently referred to by doctors, psychiatric nurse practitioners, ministers, and former clients. “Children are a precious gift to their parents. One of my greatest honors is when a parent trusts me with their child and one of my greatest joys is walking with that child as they experience healing.”
—Whitney Caves, LPC

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